If you are getting ready to go on a fishing trip, then you realize that you need more than just your rod, reel and bait.  Just like other sportsmen dress for their outdoor events, anglers need to consider their clothing apparel prior to hitting the water.  

It is important that you are prepared to blend into your environment and stay at an even temperature.

Dress for the Temps!

Anglers have a variety of clothing designs that keep their needs in mind.  The diverse designs, models, and fabrics will help you make the right apparel decisions given the weather forecast.  Even though you will choose different clothing for summer than winter, sunglasses are always a must in order to provide you with the eye protection you need.


Fishing Apparel Types

The selection of fishing clothing available on the market today is astounding!  So much to choose from for every type of fishing you find yourself planning for.  Some of the different types of clothing to choose from are:
  • T-Shirts – Not fishing industry specific, but comfortable for any fishing expedition.
  • Fishing Shirts – Made with the angler in mind, these are lightweight, quick drying, and have built-in sun or bug protection.
  • Pants and Shorts – Although you may wear any type of pants and shorts, there are also convertible pants that have zippers to take off some of the length of your pants, turning them into shorts!
  • Fishing Vests – An essential for any angler, with a variety of pockets in order to store all your fishing hooks, lures, etc.
  • Outerwear – Jackets should keep you warm, dry, comfortable and be roomy enough for casting your line.
  • Shoes – Comfortable shoes based on the location and climate of your next fishing trip.
  • Hip and Chest Waders – If you will be fishing in the water, waders will be essential to your fishing trip.
  • Fishing Hats – Regardless of the weather, a fishing hat will help to protect your face from the sun.
  • Rain Gear – Be prepared for any surprises Mother Nature may throw your way!
  • Fishing Gloves – Gloves are essential for any fishing trip during the winter months to protect against frostbite.


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